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Polaris Rolls Slingshot into Full Production
October 15, 2014

October 2, 2014

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Partners in Conservation

We are pleased to announce that work will be beginning with our partners for this year's Pronghorn Fencing project. This project will focus on replacing barbed wire fences with smooth wire to allow for the movement of Pronghorn Antelope throughout the southern portion on the province. If you are interested in volunteering for this work please contact Vince at vaiello@calgary.cycleworks.com

Beginning in 2012 Cycle Works will be partnering with the Alberta Conservation Association on a number of projects. We are so happy to join them in their efforts to make Alberta better place for all. To find out more about the ACA and their initiatives check out their website here

Partners in Conservation is a special project initiated in our Calgary store that Cycle Works is very proud of.

We realize that some of our toys in the wrong hands can create a very real impact in the environment,and in an effort to create a balance we work tirelessly with many conservation organizations. We lend our time, equipment, knowledge and experience to help raise funds for groups like the Wildlife Trust Fund, installing Hen Houses with Delta Waterfowl,  or building bridges over riperian areas, to name only a few.

Please check this page often for events that Partners in Conservation are involved in and for ways you can become involved yourself.

If you have any future conservation projects you would like to discuss with Partners in Conservation please email generalmail@cycleworks.com with details.

Class one

Please check our photo gallery for more pictures of each class.

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2011 Victory
I Am Back To Victory
September 29, 2014

2006 Polaris
Great Fusion
August 28, 2014

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