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­ ­ ­ ­ ­To obtain an vehicle insurance quote for your new machine we recommend Open Road. Unlike many auto insurance companies, Open Road specializes in motorcycle and ATV insurance so they know how to make a plan that will work for riders. Visit

Extended Warranty - Purchase extra protection for your machine. Extended Warranty can be obtained at time of purchase or before Factory Warranty expires. Cycle Works offers extended warranty by SAL Protection Plan. This is available in Basic, Extra and Superior Packages. As well receive Roadside Assistance, Rental Coverage, Towing, Trip Interruption and Transferability no matter which package you choose.

Loan Repayment Insurance - Gain peace of mind that no matter what your circumstances your loan will not be a burden on you or your family. Unexpected loss of income, illness or death can occur; this insurance option allows you to feel safe and secure about your financial commitments for just pennies a day. Provided by SAL there are many options of insurance that can be tailored to your circumstance

Anti-Theft Etching - Theft of recreational product is common and can occur in places that you believe are safe; such as your driveway or garage. Protect your machine from theft with Silent Sentinel Anti-Theft etching. This product has a unique identification number which is affixed to the major parts of your machine, deterring thieves from targeting your machine and providing coverage in the event that your machine is a total loss due to theft.

For more information on how to obtain these valuable products call the Finance Department at your nearest Cycle Works or email

Acheson 780-960-1920

Calgary 403-230-1920

Edmonton 780-440-3200

Foothills 403-995-1555

Red Deer 403-357-1578

F & I Products that Work!

Cycle Works Edmonton customer Warren S. recently had his brand new ATV stolen. It was deemed a total write-off by his insurance company. Because Warren had purchased Gap Insurance and Etching he had his loaned paid off by Gap Insurance and received $3,000 from Etching in addition to his insurance cheque. It's great to see that good things come in small packages!


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Open Road ATV and motorcyle insurance  SAL warranty and loan protection     Silent Sentinel Anti-theft  ­

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